• What Measurements Do I Need for a New Garage Door?

    July 31, 2015 | Blog
  • If you’re adding on a garage or increasing its capacity with a larger or additional garage door, you can save time in the shopping process by measuring for your shiny new garage door. But how do you get started, and what measurements do you need to provide to the dealer/installer? Follow this process, and you’ll be well prepared so your garage door dealer can help you choose the perfect solution for your installation.

    Measurements #1 and #2

    Measure the width (#1) and height (#2) of your rough garage door opening (in feet and inches). These measurements will be the actual size of your garage door, not including hardware.

    Measurements #3 and #4

    Measure the length of the wall areas on either side of the door—left (#3) and right (#4). Roughly 4”-6” minimum are required to accommodate the garage door’s track and torsion spring system (depending on the model).

    Measurement #5

    Measure the headroom—the height of the wall from the top of the garage door’s rough opening to the ceiling. Approximately 10”-12” minimum is required just for the track and spring, but more space is needed if installing an automatic garage door opener. If your ceiling is lower than these minimum requirements, talk with your dealer/installer about special hardware that can accommodate your space.

    Measurement #6

    Measure the backroom distance—from the garage door rough opening to the back of the room. A minimum distance of the garage door height plus a foot and a half (18”) is required. For door installations with an automatic garage door opener system may require additional space.

    These measurements will enable your dealer/installer to quickly determine the garage door, opener, and track systems available that may work in your construction so that you can quickly make a selection based on design, energy efficiency, and other options rather than what size fits. Final measurements are always taken to make sure everything goes smoothly (as they say, “measure twice, cut once!”), but the time saved by gathering this information first will make your buying process that much more enjoyable.