• Tax Season Special

    February 2, 2016 | Blog
  • Did you know that a new garage door instantly adds curb appeal and can actually increase the value of your home as much as 30%?

    Home design experts agree that replacing your garage door, the largest opening and moving part on your house, can instantly transform your home almost more than any other exterior improvement.

    If you’re looking for a company that stands behind its products and service, call Overhead Door Depot today at 866 955-3667—you’ll be glad you did!


    Tax documents can take all of January to arrive at your door, so once you’ve gathered what you need, and settled into the week of the Big Game, you have 2 things to look forward to: a refund from Uncle Sam and a win for your preferred team.

    We’d love to be part of your celebration, whether taxes or football, with a great special in honor of tax season. After all, if we can make tax season “good news,” then we’re happy to do so!

    Now, in some cases, football parties overlap with our business—especially if your garage is “party central.” If you use your garage as an extension of your living space, particularly for entertaining, then you can take a number of steps to make sure that it is a comfortable space for parties and gatherings year-round. Décor helps, but it isn’t enough to ensure:

    • A comfortable climate, with appropriate heating, cooling, and humidity control
    • Great sound for parties and viewing sporting events
    • That you neighbors still like you in the morning

    Some planning and (possible) renovation can make your garage a great gathering place. But assuming that your garage shares your home’s construction and insulation, then the most important renovation you can make is upgrading your garage door. If your garage is framed and insulated like the rest of your home, then it’s a few small steps away from being an extension of your primary living space, and can be upgraded from simply housing your cars. Many builders reduce costs by installing basic steel or aluminum garage doors with no insulation, so even though the walls are just like the rest of your house, your door leaks energy like crazy, which pulls money straight out of your pocket if you spend any time at all trying to enjoy your garage as part of your home living space.

    Of course, this is a problem any time you’re trying to condition your home’s air: cooling during hot weather, or heating in cooler months. So your best investment is the right door for how you use your home and garage. And besides upgrades, sometimes your door has just worn out its usefulness (and if its gotten ugly, maybe it’s worn out its welcome!). So an upgrade isn’t just a matter of efficiency, or even appearance, but simple functionality.

    This tax season, we’ve got a great deal for those of you looking to upgrade or needing to replace a door at the end of its service. Give us a call at (904) 612-8775 to learn how you can upgrade your 2-car garage door for as little as $850! You’ll save $200, and the price includes tax, labor, and installation. Upgrade with Overhead Door Depot today!