• Power Out? How Do You Get Out of Your Garage?

    March 14, 2015 | Blog
  • You’re driving home into a darkened neighborhood. Streetlights are out, and portable stop signs are filling in for non-functioning traffic lights. You’re wondering if your home’s power is out, but before you realize you might not be able to open your garage, you’ve pulled up in front of it.

    Whether it’s a storm, a mechanical failure, or car vs. pole, it’s hard to predict a power outage, but it’s easier to weather one if you’re prepared. Your first step might just be getting in (or out of) your house, so take the time now (before an emergency) to learn how to open your garage door without electricity so you don’t have to figure it out under pressure… and in the dark.

    1. Make sure the garage door is closed. If it’s not, there’s the possibility it will drop suddenly.
    2. Pull the red handle to disconnect the garage door from the powered garage door opener system.
    3. Your garage door should now lift open easily by hand with the lift handles. If you can’t easily lift the door, there may be a problem with your torsion spring and you should call a garage door service professional, for the safety of your spring and yourself!
    4. Manually lock the garage door. With the garage door opener disengaged, the door is not secure unless manually locked with a slide bar or other mechanism. If you don’t have a manual lock on your door, now is a good time to install one before an emergency or outage occurs. Also be sure to install a lock and deadbolt on your interior door.
    5. When power is restored, make sure the garage door’s manual lock is disengaged (to prevent damage to the door and other mechanical parts) and then reconnect the automatic opener.
    6. Consider upgrading your garage door opener system with a battery back-up. Even if the power goes out, you’ll still be able to use your automatic garage door opener to exit and enter your garage. Your remote(s), keypad, and the safety sensors will also function, and your door will remain locked and secure.

    Make sure you are familiar with these steps before you lose power! It’s also a good idea to keep the manual for your garage door and opener in an easy-to-find place.

    Check back often for more tips and information concerning your garage doors, and if you have any questions or need garage door repair or installation, please contact Overhead Door Depot at 1 (866) 955-3667!