• Motorized Screen Systems Keep the Outdoors Cozy

    April 11, 2015 | Blog
  • One of the greatest benefits of living in a subtropical climate is that your living space easily extends beyond your walls to the beautiful outdoors. But while temperatures may be comfortable, the elements aren’t always so pleasant. Thankfully, motorized retractable screen systems are available for nearly every window and door opening to your home, making it not only possible but convenient and secure to extend your home outward while keeping pests, wind, and excessive sun from getting in.

    Benefits of Retractable Motorized Screen Systems

    Keep Bugs Out

    Relaxing on the patio on a warm day feels amazing… until the invasion begins. Whether it’s mosquitos at dusk, moths drawn to an ambient flame, or larger outdoor creatures that belong in the yard and not in your living space, adding a screen keeps your environment comfortable, pleasant, and attractive. Plus, screens keep your pets secure within your home’s boundaries and protect them from insects and pests too.

    Reduce Heat and Sun

    It’s fun to play in the sun, but sometimes the heat beating down on your living space can be oppressive. But retractable screen systems not only create a pest barrier but also provide sun protection that make your open deck, patio, balcony, windows, gazebo, and even garage more pleasant on a hot day. And when these open-air spaces are shaded, adjacent enclosed rooms cost less to keep cool.

    Maintain Privacy

    Being outdoors lets you enjoy fun with friends and neighbors—but you don’t always want onlookers checking out your party. Or perhaps your business or restaurant offers outdoor space for employees and/or customers, but you’d rather not have your staff or patrons on display to passersby. And of course, your gorgeous open concept living room with a wall of windows should let air in, but not make you feel like your family is on exhibit at the zoo! Motorized retractable screen systems provide airflow while reducing outside-in visibility, so you can enjoy the view and the breeze while maintaining your privacy

    Choosing a Retractable Motorized Screen System

    When choosing your home or business’s screen system, define your space and your goals.

    Where will your screens be installed?

    • Home or business?
    • Relatively small openings (like windows) or larger spans (like garages, carports, decks/patios, outdoor dining, gazebos)?
    • Sliding, vertical, or inward or outward swinging doors?

    What are your primary concerns?

    • Insects and pests
    • Sun control
    • Privacy

    Once you’ve defined your needs and specifications, you’ll want an experienced screen system supplier and installer who can help you select the best product for your needs. Overhead Door Depot is an authorized dealer for top brands Progressive Screen Systems, Mirage Retractable Screen Systems, and Rollac. With years of experience and guaranteed parts and service, you can rest easy in the comfort of your newly-enclosed outdoor space! Plus, our skilled technicians are available to keep your motorized retractable screen system in top condition for years of enjoyment.

    Make your open-air space the sanctuary you’ve always wanted—free from pests, heat, and prying eyes—with a motorized retractable screen system!