• Innovative Business Uses for Garage Doors

    May 29, 2017 | Blog
  • Garage doors have become one of the most prominent features of homes, but many business applications put any needed garage doors out of sight—in the rear of the building or otherwise hidden from customer view. But there are great applications for garage doors to move to the front of some commercial buildings. If it’s a match for your company, you can really transform your customer interaction with these innovative business uses for garage doors—especially in a climate that enjoys great weather year-round.

    Restaurants and Bars

    Some of the most in-demand seating at any restaurant in warm weather—and especially in our tropical climate—is out on the patio. Outdoor seating at restaurants and bars is the best of the dining experience: full service, yet out in the gorgeous sunshine and into the moonlight. So what if you could make all your seating “patio seating” with large window-filled overhead doors? Beautiful sunny day? Raise the doors. A passing storm? Close them part-way or completely. Insects coming in at dusk? Install retractable screens on each door to continue enjoying the lovely breeze… without the bugs.

    Art Studios

    Whether you’re already in an urban area, or just want to bring that vibe to your studio, overhead garage doors will open up your display space, showcasing your art in both focused indoor and highlighting outdoor light—at your discretion. Bring the studio outdoors—while still protecting your work from the elements—and make all your guests wonder if they’re still local, or have they perhaps stepped into a happening hipster NYC neighborhood?

    Concert and Performance Venues

    Concert- and theater-goers do certainly love climate control (some say that’s how the west was won)… but there’s nothing like an outdoor performance! Your venue can enjoy (and offer) the best of both worlds with large overhead doors that open up a sheltered space into the next best thing to an outdoor amphitheater.

    Local Shops and Boutiques

    The great advantage of living and doing business in a warm and sunny climate is that foot traffic is plentiful. Shoppers can actually enjoy walking between shops, soaking up the sun while raking in the savings. You can choose to open up the front of your boutique even more with an overhead garage door to blur the lines between inside and outside, so your customers can enjoy the walk between shops… and keep it going as they browse your wares.

    Fitness Clubs and Gyms

    Decisions, decisions… many exercisers are torn between air-conditioned studios and outdoor runs when the weather is, well, gorgeous! A gym or fitness studio is an ideal application for tall glass overhead doors. Chilly or stormy days, or blazing heatwaves are best for closing the doors and providing welcome shelter. But gorgeous, inviting weather doesn’t need to distract your patrons. Rather, open up the doors and give them the classes and equipment they crave in an environment that is the best of comfort and fresh air!

    Whether you’re building, renovating, or just looking for the a great solution for innovating, opening up your business space with garage doors is a powerful way to stand out, make your business inviting to customers, and merge the indoors with the outdoors!