• How Do You Keep Your Home Safe?

    February 1, 2015 | Blog
  • How Do You Keep Your Home Safe?

    Nowadays you can never be too careful. There seems to be so much crime in the world its hard to escape it sometimes. One way to help prevent if from affecting you and your home is to be vigilant about keeping your house and belongings safe. We’ve asked some of our Overhead Door Depot Techs to give us some of their tips concerning garage doors, your home and safety. We think they have come up with some pretty useful advice!

    1. Don’t leave your garage door remote in plain view in your car.  Put it in your glove box or under your seat. This will deter someone from breaking into your car, thus having instant access to your house.

    2. When you leave your home and back out of the garage, wait 20 seconds to make sure your garage door stays down. Don’t just drive off without double checking.

    3. Make sure to discuss with your kids how important it is to never give out the garage code to their friends or strangers. Kids might not realize the implications of this, but you don’t want the code falling into the wrong hands. 

    These are some great ideas from our employees that are out in the field every day. What are some other ways that you keep your home safe? We welcome your comments and ideas!