• 5 Fun Activities To Do In A Garage

    September 8, 2016 | Blog
  • As a child, one of me and my sibling’s favorite places to play was in our two car garage. The possibilities were endless as we searched for fun to be had! Here is a list of 5 activities that we did as kids that you can try too!

    5 Fun Garage Activities You Can Do Today!


    1. Build Something!

    With some simple tools and supplies such as wood, a hammer, nails, sandpaper and paint- you can create many things. You can build a birdhouse, a skate ramp, a bookshelf – the possibilities are endless. Then you can stain the wood or paint it for a personal touch! There are many websites and resources with ideas and instructions on how to build just about anything with the right materials. Have a contest to see who could be the most creative!



    2. Draw With Chalk!

    The sidewalk isn’t the only place you can use as your canvas – on days when it’s too hot, cold, or rainy outside – the garage is the perfect place to create art with chalk – and no worries – the rain can’t wash away your masterpiece! You can do more than just draw. You can also do activities such as tic-tac-toe, hop scotch, hangman, etc. Sidewalk chalk is a classic way to have fun when you’re a child and if used in the garage, the weather can’t stop your sidewalk chalk fun!



    3. Have a Scavenger Hunt!

    Scavenger hunts are always fun and on days when you can’t get outside, this activity can be a lot of fun! You can use just about anything for your hunt! Make a list of items and/or locations to find in the garage and with each item/location include a clue to the next one. You can hide clues, prizes, or both to add to the fun! This activity can lead to great creativity as you can use themes, specific objects, and riddles to solve each step along the hunt!



    4. Create a Haunted House!

    This activity can be done any time of the year – not just on Halloween! Its also a great way to get more use out of all of those expensive holiday decorations and costumes! Get some friends together and have half of your friends decorate and prepare the haunted house ( Find spooky music to play, have friends get in costume/makeup and hide, etc.). Then have the other half of your friends walk through your created “haunted house” and get spooked! Just be sure to play it safe and stay away from anything dangerous!

    garage haunted house


    5. Make Music!

    Whether it’s with real instruments or with instruments made from buckets, pots, pans, etc.- you can gather your friends together and make some music. It’s the garage so don’t worry about making too much noise! Creating sounds with different unconventional objects is not only fun but can be educational as well. Kids can learn about different sounds and acoustics while making music and with the freedom to jam away! And for those who prefer to use real instruments, start a band with your friends!