• Choosing the Best Garage Door Materials

    January 11, 2016 | Blog
  • Many garage doors may look the same as you drive by, but they are actually available in a number of different materials that have their various advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you use your garage. How do you choose the right door material for your home?

    Types of Garage Door Construction

    Modern garage doors are made of various metal, wood, and composite materials, and some include glass windows.


    Steel is a popular garage door material because it is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, paintable, and can be designed to mimic the appearance of much more expensive doors (particularly with woodgrain).

    Aluminum is another metal option, and is also general inexpensive. It’s also useful for wider spans when weight and the capabilities of the automatic garage door opener are an issue.

    However, metal is a poor insulator, and can be dented by impacts, so if your garage is part of your living space and you need climate and/or noise control, there may be better options for you. Also, if your driveway is a playground for budding athletes, metal doors may not stand up to impacts from basketballs or other play equipment.


    The natural beauty of a wood door is often the most desirable choice for homeowners. Wood garage doors are available in a variety of styles, with more economical options being painted doors with panel inserts, while higher end options use stain-grade wood and many window choices. Wood does require a lot of maintenance and can pose problems for homeowners in very wet, dry, or cold climates.

    Wood composite doors offer much of the beauty of solid wood door with better resistance to aging and weather. They can also be more ecofriendly, as they use recycled wood fibers.

    Other materials

    Fiberglass is less common than other door types but is very flexible in design options. It can mimic wood, be painted, and resists dents better than some metal doors. But it ages poorly and can crack in colder climates.

    Vinyl doors are made similarly to fiberglass, but are much more durable and a great option for families that enjoy outdoor sports and other garage door hazards. The styles are more limited than other types of doors, but if you find the design you like, this may be a great option.

    Other considerations

    Beyond the door materials, where your door will be installed will affect your product choice.


    If your garage is more than just a parking place for your car, but also part of your living space, you’ll want an insulated door to keep heated and cooled air where you want it. No need to lose your expensive conditioned air out of an uninsulated door. However, if your garage itself is uninsulated, there’s no benefit in buying an insulated door, as the energy will be lost through the rest of the space.

    Existing Construction

    If you are replacing a door, choose one that will work well with the existing construction and that ideally is a good match for your existing automatic garage door opener’s capabilities. Weight is an important factor, as is curb appeal / resale value of your home.

    Professional Recommendations

    Take the time to outline your needs and narrow down some early favorites. But you don’t have to make the final decision on your own. Contact a qualified garage door seller and installer that can help you choose the best garage door material for the largest entry in your home!