• 10-Point Maintenance Service Summer Special

    Keep your garage door in peak performance and avoid emergency repair calls with our $49.95 summer special! If your garage door hasn’t had any TLC in a long time (or ever), or even if you regularly maintain your system, you can’t beat this offer. Comprehensive service, at a fantastic price, by top garage door pros who really care about providing great service at great prices to you—our great customers!

    The Details

    1. Adjust tension on the springs
    2. Balance the garage door
    3. Tighten door hardware, including screws and bolts, and replace missing nuts, screws, and bolts
    4. Lubricate the door and springs
    5. Check the rollers for wear and tear on the ball bearings
    6. Check the cables for wear and tear
    7. Check the cable drums for wear and tear
    8. Check the garage door tracks
    9. Adjust the up and down motor limit
    10. Adjust the motor power sensitivity to comply with DASMA UL 325 standards

    Call (866) 955-DOOR now and mention this offer!