• 3 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

    November 16, 2015 | Blog
  • Automatic garage doors are so much a part of our daily lives that it can be easy to forget how dangerous they can be, especially when the overhead electric opener does all the heavy lifting at the touch of a button. Heavy doors, high tension torsion springs, and electricity combine for a number of dangers for anyone, but children in particular should be protected around garage doors.

    3 Safety Considerations

    1. Garage Door Openers

    To a child, a garage door opener can seem like magic. It makes the giant door go up and down and can be controlled by a fun and simple-to-use button. The button on the wall might be big and glow with a backlight. The button on the remote in the car makes it possible to have the door open and ready as you come up the driveway. But to keep your kids safe, all these buttons should be out of reach and children instructed that they are for grown-ups only. It might be tempting to let your kids press the big button when they are with you, but this encourages them to press the big button even when you’re not in the garage. By keeping these buttons off-limits to little ones, and something they can grow to use responsibly, you teach them to respect the power (and danger) of the garage door without making them afraid.

    2. Garage Door Sensors

    On either side of your garage door are sensors to detect objects in the way that could be crushed if the door closed all the way. Your door may also have an auto-reverse feature that makes it not only stop but rise again if it meets resistance. Test this feature regularly (and safely) by blocking the sensors to see if the door reverses, or by leaning against it with your hands from the outside (it should also stop and reverse as it senses your weight resisting its movement). If it fails these tests, disconnect your garage door from the automatic opener and call for repair service.

    In addition to making sure these safety features function correctly, teach children to always stand clear of the garage door and to not play near it, especially when it is in motion.

    3. Garage Door Maintenance

    In addition to making sure your kids understand how to act safely around the garage door, the best safety measure is keeping your door and all its hardware properly maintained. Have your garage door serviced and maintained regularly, and be sure to call a qualified repair technician at the first sign of trouble: squeaks, wobbles, broken springs or cables, etc. It’s also a great idea to schedule a garage door checkup after major storms blow through even if you don’t see damage.

    With these basic safety tips, you can keep your home’s primary entry safe for the whole family.