• 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Your Garage

    August 13, 2015 | Blog
  • We’re only a couple months into hurricane season, but storm predictions for 2015 should have us preparing for 6-10 named Atlantic storms, and up to 4 hurricanes (1 possibly major). Even the weakest hurricane batters our coastlines with sustained 74 MPH winds. “Major” hurricanes pound with winds of 111 MPH or more!

    The most vulnerable parts of any home or other structure are the openings that don’t feature normal stud-wall construction, so your garage door can truly compromise your home if not up to current hurricane codes. And the larger the opening (like a two-car garage), the more critical it is to secure and reinforce the door system. The greatest concern is not just that the door would fail, but that the intense pressure buildup could blow out the home’s roof and structural support walls.

    • Verify that your door meets current hurricane codes, which in many FL counties means it must withstand 150 MPH winds.
    • Reinforce an older door with braces, panels, or netting, but start shopping for a storm-ready replacement model. Reinforcement is not enough for a door that doesn’t meet code—which should be replaced—but it’s better than doing nothing at all.
    • On the fence? Consider that the investment of a new garage door is much smaller than a major home repair or rebuild, not to mention the injury (or worse) that could result if a storm destroys a major part of your home via a compromised garage door.
    • Have your garage door inspected regularly, especially if it has weathered a major storm or hurricane already.
    • If you rent and determine that your garage door is not up to hurricane code, speak with your landlord about getting it replaced.

    Learn more about the dangers, and how you can keep your garage ready and safe, in our previous article, Garage Door Hurricane Preparation.

    And for more information about a suitable storm-ready garage door for Florida residents, or to inquire about maintenance, inspections, and service, call the Overhead Door Depot at 866-955-3667.